Service Offering

Multi vendor maintenance and support services designed to minimize business down-time. Unrivalled delivery reach and depth with highly skilled resources and experienced services management processes.

Reverse Logistics

All logististical processes in which goods come from the end customers and run back into the supply chain loop.

repair / refurbishment facility

With our extensive client tasks we have a huge park on repair devices and refurbishment equipment.

Onsite Services

Standardized services with custom teams on site by experienced staff, high process knowledge and the use of best-practice methods.

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warranty validation

We will validate every warranty claim through visual, mechanical, and functional testing.

technical support / hot Line

For all questions about our service, we provide you with multilingual phone support & Hotline.

repair under warranty on manufacturer behalf

Handling of warranty cases within the warranty period and under the manufacturer's warranty terms.

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procurement and logistics worldwide

On your behalf we take care of the procurement and provision of parts. Fast and reliable logistics are our strength.

disposal respectful of the environment and lawfully with regard to the local rules

Of course, we should need to dispose of regulatory compliance on site.

on-site de-installation European-wide

For the breakdown of large plants such as digital printer units in Europe are our teams are ready for use.


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