Repair Services

Sustainable solutions for extending product life cycles

Expert Repair Services – Extend Product Life

Component Repairs

Our team is specialized in troubleshooting issues at component level.

Whether it is a defective resistor, diode or connector, our team can identify the issue and repair the issue with minimal waste

Mechanical parts repair

Mechanical parts are the core of many industrial devices. We can trace defective parts and identify normal wear and tear.

We minimize cost and waste by only repairing the necessary parts, whether this is replacing, anodizing or re-coating.

After repairing we ensure that the parts meet quality standards by thorough testing.

Warranty Services

We can track and handle your warranty cases, whether it is in your ERP, or ours.

Our number one focus is quality. We believe that providing warranty on our services is a demonstration of our confidence in the quality we provide.

Failure Analysis

We have a long history of data analysis in our repair process. Contact us to find out how we can assist in improving your quality, engineering, machine uptime and more.

Diverse Repair Portfolio Overview


Small to large PCBs. We replace on component level. Click here to learn more.


Blowers require periodic maintenance and repairs. We repair, replace and test your components

Power Supply

Especially industrial power supply come in many different formats and specifications. We repair from small to large. AC to DC.


Motors do not always have to be replaced if its broken. Some common problems can be fixed.


Faulty sensors can create a variety of problems. Think about the environment and your cost before disposing. We can take care of repair, reconditioning, calibration.


We diagnose, repair or provide maintenance for your inverters


Bears are part of our mechanical repair services. Find out more.


Shafts are part of our mechanical repair services. Find out more.


Gears are part of our mechanical repair services. Find out more.

Automotive parts

We specialize in PCBs and mechanical items like bearings, motors. Contact us to find out more

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Sustainable Solutions for Product Life Cycles

From design and manufacturing to distribution and end-of-life management, businesses are increasingly recognizing the need to integrate eco-friendly practices. Let’s explore the realm of sustainable solutions:


Choosing environmentally friendly materials with lower carbon footprints and reduced environmental impact is crucial. This includes exploring recycled, upcycled, and biodegradable materials. We can help identify such materials, not only for the product itself, but for the consumables and maintenance aspects as well.

Modular Design

Modular designs allow easier disassembly and component replacement promoting repairability and reducing the need for complete product replacement. This approach extends the life cycle of products and minimizes waste.

Energy Consumption

Designing products with energy efficiency in mind contributes to reduced operational costs and a smaller environmental footprint. This involves optimizing energy consumption during both manufacturing and product use phases. One example mt unirepair applies is the use of efficient testing equipment

Waste reduction

Adopting lean manufacturing principles helps minimize waste generation. Strategies such as recycling scrap materials and reusing components contribute to a more sustainable production cycle.

Advanced Repair Services for Medical and Automotive

Every industry has its specialties. Medical devices and automotive parts require different approaches to repair and refurbishing. Due to the flexible nature of our teams we can work closely with your engineering and quality teams for a tailor-made solution.

mt unirepair’s Commitment to Sustainability

Repair, Don’t replace

It is our mission to contribute to a global circular economy. We believe in bringing new life to your equipment. This does not only reduce waste but also generates financial benefits.

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