Working towards a circular economy

Quality Service

The key pillar of our success

Quality Manual

Quality Manual is a great transparent tool for recurring processes.

Full Traceability of Goods by Serial Number

Through the use of internal serial numbers we monitor our services.

Problem Reporting

The exact error recording assists in the continuous improvement of the process.

Process Control with Operating and Work Instructions

Optimized processes through the use of well-defined standards.

Reverse Engineering

We support changes of the products to the latest EC level and provide engineering support to the customers.

escalation process

An escalation process uses a set of procedures set in place to deal with potential problems in a variety of contexts.

Repair Process Corrective Actions

Adjustments when required, immediately implemented

Trained Engineers and Repair Personnel

We value constant training and qualification of our employees

Quality Control Management

Controls include product inspection, where every product is visually examined, before the product is leaving our location.

Quality Issues Management

Helps us quickly to identify, monitor, and analyze quality issues.

Trainings Records

We attach great importance to the logging of our qualifications and trainings.

Customer Satisfaction Measurement

As part of our performance KPIs we periodically check the satisfaction of our clients.

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