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Refurbishment Company: Equipment & Electronics

Equipment and Electronics Refurbishment Process

The lifecycle of electronic equipment is often shorter than its potential utility. At its core, refurbishment is the process of restoring electronic devices and equipment to a like-new condition. This involves repairing, cleaning, and upgrading components to ensure optimal functionality, aesthetics, and performance. Our process consist of a combination or all of below steps:

  1. Diagnostics
  2. Deconstruction / De-assembly
  3. Cleaning and Restoration
  4. Replacing defective components
  5. Software updates / reset
  6. Quality Assurance
  7. Re-assembly
  8. Final Inspection

Machinery and Robot Refurbishment Services

The goal of machinery and robot refurbishment is the same: extending the lifespan of technology, reducing waste and improving performance. Yet the score of machine refurbishment is different. While equipment and electronic refurbishing is at a smaller scale, machinery and robot refurbishment involves complex machinery and requires and understanding of the entire assembly. Moreover, the testing and final inspection requires a different expertise.

IT and Device Refurbishment: From Spare Parts to Full Overhaul

In its core IT and device refurbishment is not different compared to electronic refurbishment.

Examples include laptops, desktop computers, servers and networking equipment. It encompasses a broader range of refurbishment activities, including repairs, component replacement, software updates, and cosmetic enhancements.

Medical Equipment Refurbishment and Repair Expertise

Healthcare often face budget constraints and traditionally did not consider medical equipment refurbishing. We offer a cost-effective alternative to buying new expensive products. Additionally, with the large growth of the industry and increasing attention for a sustainable world healthcare companies can contribute by focusing on more Eco-friendly solutions.

Refurbishment often offers a quicker turnaround compared to the procurement of new equipment. This is especially important in healthcare settings where timely access to functioning equipment is vital for patient care.

Refurbishment Reverse Logistics and Product Upgrades

The Backward Journey

Reverse logistics involves the management of the product’s journey from the end-user back to the manufacturer or refurbishment facility. Unlike traditional logistics, which move products from manufacturers to consumers, reverse logistics handles the return, refurbishment, and recycling processes. This includes product recalls, returns due to defects, and end-of-life product management.

Circular Economy Impact

The symbiotic relationship between refurbishment, reverse logistics, and product upgrades fosters a circular economy. It minimizes waste, reduces the demand for new raw materials, and promotes sustainability by extending the life of products.

Cost savings

Refurbishment and product upgrades offer cost-effective alternatives for businesses and consumers compared to purchasing new products.

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Repair & Upgrade

Whether it is replacing spare parts or repairing spare parts, we take care of the equipment. Moreover we ensure that the machine is released according to the latest engineering revisions.


Equipment should look like new again. We fix usage marks by re-painting or spot repairs.


Cleaning can be difficult in complex machinery. We specialize in cleaning electronic and mechanical equipment. We hereby focus on doing no harm to your equipment and environment

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