Case Study 2:
FreightCore - Project


FreightCore is a global end-to-end logistics company, which is specialized in ocean freight. But also Trucking or multimodal shipping is being handled from their offices in the UK and China. One of their customers had a special enquiry and that’s why mt unirepair stepped into the process. The enquiry concerned children’s books about electricity. The sound and light effects that underpinned the story must be reset before it could be used again.

The challenge

This project was a challenge, as a large number of units had to be handled in a very short space of time. However, as the process was completely new for both parties, a quick solution had to be found that would allow the quantities to be achieved without compromising on quality. First of all, a separate workplace had to be created in a suitable location with sufficient space. Employees then had to be trained and materials procured. All had to be ready before the first batch of books arrived at mt unirepair.

The solution

Once a project team had been put together, the work began immediately with the creation of three special workplaces where the refurbishment process was divided into 3 steps. All investigations and trainings were completed in time and the refurbishment was executed right away:

  1. At Station 1, the books were unpacked, received, and visually inspected for rough damage. A small window under which the required connections were located was carefully opened.
  2. At the 2nd Station the actual reset took place. PC’s with the specialized software were provided and the trained staff carried out all the necessary steps. Broken items were sorted out and a failure report was created by our admin team.
  3. Last but not least the opening with the connections was expertly closed again so that every book looked like new and there was no longer any danger for children. The books were safely packed and returned in the original packaging.

The result

As a result, FreightCore was able to fulfil a specific customer request and was able to make the customer happy with a short delivery time. In addition, the defective books had already been sorted out, including a description of the error. Thanks to the project, mt unirepair was able to learn more and broaden its horizons. The project team was also able to demonstrate perfect teamwork and willingness to learn.

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