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Welcome to our collection of case studies, where real-world challenges meet innovative solutions. Each case study shows how we tackle complex problems and deliver suitable results for our clients. From strategic planning to operational execution, explore how we turn obstacles into opportunities, offering invaluable insights to inspire your own journey to success.

Case Study 1: HP Indigo – Repair of spare parts


Globally, the focus is shifting more and more to sustainability and being CO2 neutral. This has actually always been one of mt unirepair’s pillars. To take this to the next level we increased our R&D department and started looking for local sources to buy our components, which are needed to fix the defective parts in repair.

The challenge

We were facing a lot of delivery issues, because of several reasons. For example, some suppliers were not sticking to lead time agreements, the European government introduced more strict rules for importing metal or aluminum or the quality of the delivered parts were not according to our quality standards.

Case Study 2: FreightCore – Project


FreightCore is a global end-to-end logistics company, which is specialized in ocean freight. But also Trucking or multimodal shipping is being handled from their offices in the UK and China. One of their customers had a special enquiry and that’s why mt unirepair stepped into the process. The enquiry concerned children’s books about electricity. The sound and light effects that underpinned the story must be reset before it could be used again.

The challenge

This project was a challenge, as a large number of units had to be handled in a very short space of time.

Case Study 3: HP Indigo – Microsoft Hololens2


HP Indigo is a well-known manufacturer of digital printing presses, which are mainly used for both commercial and industrial purposes. At their main site in Israel, those presses are being produced and developed for many years now. HP Indigo trusts mt unirepair as a service partner in the repair and refurbishment of spare parts on component level. This decision was taken with regard to sustainability goals and corporate values.

One of HP Indigo’s latest innovations is to use Microsoft’s Hololens2 for training purposes. Using accurate haptic representations combined with precise procedures, the VR glasses show step-by-step instructions with a visual preview of each step.

The challenge

The main task is to reset the glasses to a neutral state – comparable to a smartphone that changes hands.

Case Study 4: HP Indigo – CPO process


We have a great Partnership with HP Indigo. It started as a project and ended up in a complete new shared process for both: CPO (Certified Pre-Owned)

To start with, mt unirepair is performing the deinstallation at the customer of HP indigo. After the press was delivered to mt unirepair, our team starts immediately with the unpacking and pre-cleaning of the used press.

The “certification” (repair & refurbishment) is being done by a skilled team from HP that is also introduced in the video.

At the end, the press goes back to the cleaning area, where mt unirepair takes care of an intensive final cleaning. We always aim for “like-new” results and always check the condition with partner HP Indigo.

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