About us

Creating a global circular economy by providing high quality sustainable after sales services

Creating a global circular economy by providing high quality sustainable after-sales service

About us

Our Mission

At mt unirepair, we contribute to the global circular economy by extending the product life cycles through high quality after-sales support, provided by a highly skilled and multicultural family.

About us

Our Vision

We strive to create a global circular economy by being the best and most sustainable B2B after-sales repair and service partner.

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We are proud of the loyalty from our multinational and therefore multilingual team. People from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the US are there to discuss your special needs in after-sales-services – especially repair & refurbishment are our strength.

Our Team

We are passionate about what we do – making internal processes more sustainable. Many different departments are specialized on customers demands.


Higher & Middle Management

Next to the CEO and Owner, we have a Manager in every department who understands our business strategy and is always able to support operational.


Repair & Refurbishment

Our technicians have good experience and a huge knowledge about the repair & refurbishment of electrical and mechanical parts.


Support & Customer Service

The admin team is taking over tasks that support our production on one hand. On the other hand we are also offering services like booking, purchasing or audits to our customers.


Receiving, Packing & Storage

Warehousing and Storing completes our end-to-end solution. According to our customers needs and requirements we handle all parts.


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Clients & Partners

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Blog & News

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