About us

what we can do for your business:

mt unirepair's main goal is to repair, integrate and take care of
logistics on a high quality level as you would offer your customers.
easily accessible, we are located in the south of The Netherlands,
served by an intermodal air-road transport access.

we are specialized in:
  • computer parts repair
  • refurbishment, integration
  • spare parts procurement, logistics
  • enviromental disposal

Single point of contact

mt unirepair reduces the complexity of multi-vendor products
by assuming a central point of contact and services integration.
this provides added value for its clients.

to have mt unirepair take over your repair, refurbish and logistic
activities, means less complexity in the handling and development of
your own activities. you can remain focussed on your main business

your advantages:
  • no more waste of time
  • cost saving
  • simple and effective

Flexible organisation

as a flexible organisation, mt unirepair is a high-speed, decisive
and high-quality ICT partner, whilst utilising the unparalleled strengths
where required.

mt unirepair provides a focused and highly specialized portfolio of repair activities
and integration services aimed at fulfilling the needs of its customers.

our strengths:
  • multi-vendor repair to the component level
  • refurbishment up to your requirements
  • spare part procurement
  • worldwide shipping capability

Overall traceability

we insure the traceability and preserve a full tracking system
by serial numbers. repair activities are down to the component level
in an ESD and quality controlled environment.

repair, integration, refurbishing and logistic activities are attentive
to costs reduction and timing

some of the traceability benefits:
  • vendor warranty validation
  • repair quality assurance
  • problem analysis
  • repair yield reports